“A Like Artist” by Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art – For Art Lovers & Collectors

Happy to announce the publication of “A LIKE ARTIST Vol.01,” an Art Collector Book in which my work as an artist is featured, along with several international artists’ works. This collectible art book aims to create a visual language between artists and international art collectors, offering them the possibility of an artistic, visual, and emotional exchange.

Publisher. Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art

Edition. JANUARY 2023

Represented Artists:

Aggelina Tsoumani, Bobby Kim Ling Chen, Chary Hilu, Danquis Johnson, Desirée Jung, Ettore Albert, Felipe Farme D’Amoed, Gerhard Petzl, Haewon Jang, Hamida Ouassini, Hanieh Jalali (Honey), Imelda Wei Ding Lo – Fortunus Games, Inge Prins van Wijngaarden, Ivan Kanchev, Ivan Suvanjieff, Joas Nebe, Johannes Boekhoudt, Joshua Wells, Judit Nagy L., Kateryna Brovkova, Kiki Klimt, Lena Silva, Leslie García Blanco, Lorette C. Luzajic, Mariaceleste Arena, Mariken Heijwegen, Maximilian Girardi, Nastassia Bas, Nestan Mikeladze, Nikki Gal, Nuria González Alcaide, Pamela Chrabieh, Patricia Rabbiosi, Paulina Bilska, RUNA (aka Rute Norte), Sangeeta Singh, Sarah Buckius, Shee Gomes, Shilowska Pretto, Siham El Kandoussi, Silvia Felizia, Sirui Yang, Stanislav Bojankov, Uzomah Ugwu, ZULFA.

Available for shipping on Dec 20, 2022: https://www.altiba9.com/…/a-like-artist-vol01-art…

The book will also be found at the ArtsLibris in February 2023 in Madrid. Artslibris was founded in 2009 as a publishing fair project specializing in artists’ publications, photobooks, contemporary thought, self-publishing, and digital publications. It has three annual fairs, ArtsLibris Barcelona, ARCOmadrid, and ARCOlisboa. ArtsLibris has consolidated an international reputation throughout eleven editions with a distinct identity rooted in the Mediterranean and Latin American context.

Further information about the book: https://www.altiba9.com/a-like-artist-collectors-art-book…

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