“The Beirut Call: Harnessing Creativity for Change” Virtual Book Launch

We had an amazing virtual book launch event via Zoom organized by Elyssar Press and sponsored by the Shuffle Collective (California – USA), and which full video will soon be shared.

“The Beirut Call. Harnessing Creativity for Change” is Nabad by Dar al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture project of a book on resilience & resistance culture in Lebanon, featuring 21 artists, poets, authors, activists, and academics testimonials, analyses, narratives, and stories of initiatives for social change.

Proceeds will help Nabad continue to fund artists, arts NGOs, and small creative enterprises’ projects in Lebanon.

Editors: Pamela Chrabieh and Roula Salibi, Beirut (Lebanon).

Contributors: Mitri Raheb, Pamela Chrabieh, Roula Salibi, Joelle Sfeir, Nada Raphael, Roula-Maria Dib, Roula Azar Douglas, Loulou Malaeb, Wadih Al-Asmar, Rabih Rached, Carmen Yahchouchi, Anthony Semaan, Omar Sabbagh, Nadia Wardeh, Katia Aoun Hage, Linda Tamim, Faten Yaacoub, Reine Abbas, Frank Darwiche, Dorine Potel, Cliff Makhoul.

Publisher: Dar al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture, Bethlehem (Palestine).

Distributor: Elyssar Press, Redlands-CA (USA).

Follow us on Instagram @nabad.art, @elyssarpress , on Facebook @nabad.art @thebeirutcall⁠ or go to https://elyssarpress.com/the-beirut-call/ for more information.

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