CAFCAW Youth March 2021 Webinar

As a founding member and member of the executive committee of CAFCAW, I was more than honored to attend this March 19, 2021 Youth Webinar.

“A different perspective on the youth in the Arab World: today CAFCAW gathered 30 young people from Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon.
They represent the ‘creative class,’ a socioeconomic group of young people who effectively sell their ideas, knowledge, and innovations in high-value-added professions. CAFCAW youth will select today the finalists civic youth initiatives to receive CAFCAW 2021 award.
Youth in the Arab world are facing immense challenges (Unemployment, political oppression, gender injustice, corruption, migration, etc.). But what people don’t know is that:
One out of five youth in the Arab World belong to the creative class. CAFCAW is proud to provide a forum for those members to share ideas and to get the needed training and mentoring” (Dr. Mitri Raheb).

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