The Beirut Call: Countdown to Release, by Elyssar Press

“Our team has been hard at work finalizing the first anthology that Elyssar Press is publishing. We are honored to be a part of this incredible project. The Beirut Call is a collection of first-hand accounts by artists, scholars, poets, and activists exploring the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion on August 4th of 2020.For this publication, we have partnered with the nonprofit Nabad, an outgrowth of the Dar al-Kalima University, College of Arts and Culture. Over 20 voices have come together for this anthology. Proceeds from The Beirut Call will help Nabad continue to fund artists, art NGOs, and locally-owned creative enterprises in Lebanon”.

Read the full article on Elyssar Press (Redlands-USA) website.

Photo Credit Cliff Makhoul/ Tiny Gigs Concerts by Beirut Jam Sessions, December 2021 (featured singer Frida)

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