“Paradise Pink” Online Exhibition by HMVC Gallery New York, featuring Pamela Chrabieh

Check out the HMVC Gallery New York upcoming “Paradise Pink” online exhibition starting February 1, 2023.

Featuring Dr. Pamela Chrabieh’s artwork, Jawwala XVII, 1.35 ETH, Available on Opensea as NFTart or unique print.

Jawwala/#nomad is a series of archetypes that represent subjectivity constructions/reconstructions as contingent and provisional — while interconnecting with past experiences and belongings –, in which people create/recreate their sense of identity through their interactions with the numerous places they travel through, kaleidoscopic encounters they have, and ever-changing situations and apparatuses. The renewal of the self is depicted as disturbed by fixity and longing for it, marked by interrelationships of various selves in locales and chronotopes.

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