Adrenocromo for Dinner International Art Exhibition

Check out the “ADRENOCROMO for Dinner” International Art Exhibition by M.A.D.S Art Gallery that will be held from Nov 28 to December 12, 2022, in Milan (Italy) and Fuerteventura (Spain). Thanking again Francesca Brunello for curating and exhibiting my artworks.

Exhibition concept:
“Adrenochrome is a substance derived from the oxidation of adrenaline, which is used medically to treat epileptics or as a hemostat for capillary bleeding. When humans are under particular stress, they physiologically produce small doses of adrenochrome as a result of adrenaline release, which degrades into adrenochrome after it has performed its function. This compound has been and continues to be known as the secret drug of the Illuminati, bringing with it a thick aura of mystery and a wealth of fascinating and grotesque tales. It is said to have the ability to rejuvenate those who take it, as well as release psychedelic effects similar to those of LSD, making it highly sought after by the powerful elite. Several writers and directors have made this compound the red thread of their stories. Despite its name, this substance has nothing to do with chrome, but indicates a relationship with color, as pure adrenochrome is characterized by an intense purple. Purple carries a very deep meaning, as a symbol of metamorphosis, transition and spirituality. (…). It is the color of contemplation, of the union between the human and the divine, between heaven and earth.
For M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, the idea of consuming this substance during an evening meal becomes an opportunity for union and mutual sharing in which Art takes on a totalizing role. It is a moment in which artists can feel free to show their deepest
impulses, accompanying us to experience the intimacy that characterizes the creative act. Art for M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, becomes adrenochrome, a mysterious and powerful
substance capable of leading man towards new universes, raising his consciousness and intensifying his understanding of the world. A magnificent distillation of cognitive
experiences, creativity, and mysticism, which allows whoever uses it to see through new, purer, and freer eyes. The artist, therefore, becomes the mediator between the human and the divine world, the one who manages to translate what he experiences into new languages, giving life to containers of emotions and wonder. He is the fusion of red and blue, the point of contact, the tear in the veil, the magnifying glass on the world, the pure adrenochrome. M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, on the occasion of the exhibition “ADRENOCROMO for dinner”, therefore asks the artists to share their deep inner drives through their creations, making us participants in experiences otherwise unknown and impossible to explore, to make us taste their art essence”.



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