Beirut is bleeding, again!

6 thoughts on “Beirut is bleeding, again!”

  1. RIP …
    I also feel sad tonight. So many innocent lives.
    Don’t even have the will to fight anymore. Better to leave.


  2. Good evening Dr. Let me congratulate you first on your new blog and wish you all the courage in your endeavour. The struggle for peace is the most difficult of all struggles. It’s so easier to hate each other and kill each other.


  3. RIP…
    Innocent and brave lives. Hoping that nobody will forget. But sadly in Lebanon, amnesia is the general rule and people don’t learn lessons from the past. They even can’t get rid of sectarianism.


  4. And they are asking for Lebanese abroad for more than 100 years to have the right to obtain again their citizenship. Why would well established Lebanese elsewhere in countries where the rule of law prevails would want to come back to a chaotic place filled with garbage and soon to become quarantined ??


  5. Good morning Dr. God help us and help all those who are suffering… and for nothing. There are no excuses to give to those who commit massacres. I agree, no answer to the question you are asking.


  6. May all those who died and those who are suffering find peace. Isis (Da3ech) claimed the responsibility of this massacre.


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