“Lighting” Virtual Group Exhibition by Tapiial – Santiago, Chile

22.04.2023 / 13.05.2023

“Atmospheres that circulate and resurface from different views and spatial interpretations, tracing light through their paths, capturing ideas, sensations, stories and visual narratives”.

Connected from their disciplines, LIGHTING brings together a selection of works in different formats, which transports us to different scenes, perceptions and compositions from the pictorial to the digital.

“Atmosferas que circulan y resurgen desde diferentes miradas e interpretaciones espaciales, trazando luz a través de sus caminos, plasmando ideas, sensaciones, historias y relatos visuales”.

Conectados desde sus disciplinas, LIGHTING reúne una selección de obras en diferentes formatos, que nos transporta a diferentes escenas, percepciones y composiciones desde lo pictórico a lo digital.


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