Arleb by Nabad: 1st Inclusive Exhibition in Lebanon and Southwestern Asia

A first inclusive virtual exhibition was launched by Arleb in February 2021. It features 61 established and emerging artists in Lebanon, and +500 unique curated artworks that are on display until April 30.

Arleb is a not-for-profit platform dedicated to supporting artists and creative enterprises in Lebanon. It aims at empowering local artists by offering them an opportunity to showcase and sell their artworks to new audiences on an international level. It also seeks to raise awareness about resilience & resistance arts and culture produced by emerging, independent and marginalized artists. These artists provide a critical lens that educates, provokes, and holds a mirror to the Lebanese society, influencing what gets attention in the public sphere, addressing social, political, and environmental issues through their artworks, and demonstrating their potency to building inclusive societies.

Arleb is one of Nabad projects in Lebanon. Launched in November 2020, Nabad is an innovative program that aims at empowering artists, arts organizations, and creative enterprises in Southwestern Asia and North Africa to implement their artistic and cultural ideas and market their artworks. This cross-cultural program, based on a Palestinian-Lebanese partnership, emerged in response to the August 4, 2020 port explosions in Beirut, as Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture (Bethlehem) decided to intervene in the field of arts and culture in Lebanon, where many of the country’s art galleries, museums, and ateliers had been damaged, and artists had been put out of work. 

Arleb is more than an online gallery, it’s a community.
When you spread the word or purchase artwork, you are helping the local arts and culture community, and more, you are helping Lebanon’s heart beat again.


Arleb Website:
Nabad Video:
Arleb Video:

Contact Info – Nabad Beirut Team:
Dr. Pamela Chrabieh, Program Manager مديرة برنامج نبض
Ms. Roula Salibi, Project Coordinator منسقة المشاريع
Phone: +961-3-008245

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