Telos Magazine Issue on Gender and Women’s Rights in Southwestern Asia and North Africa

Thrilled to announce this telosmagazine issue in Arabic and English on gender and women’s rights in Southwestern Asia/North Africa, which I co-edited with Anne Emile Zaki, Mitri Raheb, and Christo El Morr.

  1. – الافتتاحيّة، باميلا شرابية، آن زكي، متري راهب، خريستو المرّ 
  2. الجِنْدَرِيَّة وحقوق الإنسان، د. فنيس نقولا
  3. More than a Pretty Face: Gender Discrimination and Women in Academia, Dr. Roula Maria Dib
  4. الذكورية الناعمة في مصر، د. آن زكي
  5. العنف الاقتصادي ضدّ المرأة الريفيّة في تونس: قراءة نقديّة في فصول “قانون القضاء على العنف ضد المرأة (2017)”،د. محمد البشير  رازقي
  6. A Journey towards Gender Equality, Dr. Pamela Chrabieh
  7. قراءة في وظيفة الشمّاسات ماضيًا وحاضرًا ومستقبلاً، د. نقولا أبومراد
  8. الشمّاسات، شرطونيّة النساء في التقليد الليتورجي الأرثوذكسي، نصوصٌ من تعليم الرسل الاثنيّ عشر والقوانين الرسوليّة، ماريَّا قباره
  9. لماذا ننادى برسامة المرأة؟ الجندرية بين المغالاه والتوازن في الكنيسة العربية، القسّ رفيق إبراهيم
  10. Women and War, Dr. Omar Sabbagh
  11. Mariam, Dr. Omar Sabbagh

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Cover photo: Pamela Chrabieh, Sketch on Recycled Paper and Digital Art 2021 Series.

Call for Papers – Telos Magazine Issue No 4, “Gender and Women’s Rights” in Southwestern Asia and North Africa


Issue No 4, “Gender and Women’s Rights”
Editors of the issueDr. Pamela Chrabieh, Dr. Anne Zaki, Dr. Mitri Raheb 

Submission Deadline: July 30, 2021
Notification: August 15, 2021
Final Manuscript Due: September 15, 2021
Publication Date: November 1, 2021

We invite all writers and readers to contribute articles and write related to this subject. We also invite them to contribute book reviews on recently published monographs. Looking forward to receiving your valuable contributions.

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Telos publishes Theological articles about Challenges in the Arab World as well as articles based on different approaches — social sciences, humanities, etc.

Women’s Rights in the Middle East Today: Law, Religion and Culture – Conference

I had the honor of participating in this wonderful gathering of scholars, activists and artists working on gender and women’s rights issues in Southwestern Asia and North Africa. Once again, Dar al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture and CAFCAW have succeeded in challenging the intellect and establishing a dialogue between diverse identities and currents. The conference was successful by the wide range of speakers and by the attendees who contributed to the constructive debates.

We finally presented excerpts of our paper Dr. Nadia Wardeh and I, entitled ‘Against the Current: Religious Authority, Gender and Interreligious Dialogue’. We argued that feminist and liberal thinking/doing interreligious dialogue is a marginalized reality in our region at the institutional level, and particularly when it comes to decision-making tables within and across religious sectarian borders. This is largely unsurprising in so far as the leadership of most religious communities continues to be predominantly male (and patriarchal). The way we see it, there is a need for a shift from complementarianism to egalitarianism, and especially the production and use of Christian and Islamic theologies of gender equality as pillars of thinking and doing interreligious dialogue.

Adams Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa, November 1-4 2018

Press for Progress! International Women’s Day 2018 at AUD with Middle Eastern Studies students and professors

Join us on March 8, enjoy the live visual, performative and culinary productions and initiatives, and let us collectively #PressforProgress. We will gather to motivate the local community to think, act and be gender inclusive, and call-to-action for further positive gains for women in Southwestern Asia and North Africa.