Peace Education

I have been developing my Peace Education approach since 2004. Here are examples of class activities, publications and conferences:

‘Women who Inspire Us’. A Celebration of International Women’s Day at AUD, 26-02-2017.

The Women’s Museum in Dubai Celebrating the lives and achievements of Women in the UAE, 04-02-2017.

Food is not Just Food, 06-11-2016.

Voices of Peace from Dubai to Odense Dr. Pamela Chrabieh presents at Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies conference, 22-09-2016.

Encounters with the UAE Cultural Heritage, 16-06-2016.

Discovering the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization A field trip part of Middle Eastern Studies, 09-04-2016.

MEST Forum – Peace through Arts Cultural Event and Art Exhibition, 11-04-2016.

An Interreligious Tour in Abu Dhabi Field trip with MEST 350 Religions of the Middle East students, 26-03-2016.

Collaborative Learning in a University Classroom Dr. Pamela Chrabieh shares her methods used in her series of workshops and class activities, 15-02-2016.

Collaborative Learning in a University Classroom, 15-02-2016.

‘Voices of Peace through Arts in the United Arab Emirates: Middle Eastern Studies Students’ perceptions of Islam’, 10th Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies Conference, University of Southern Denmark, Odense-Denmark, 24-09-2016.

التربية من أجل السلام في لبنان: دراسة المسألة في الإطار الجامعي

المشرق، الجامعة اليسوعية في بيروت، ألسنة التسعون، الجزء الأول، قانون الثاني -حزيران٢٠١٦، ص. ١٠٩-١٣٦

‘Peace Education in Lebanon: Case Study in the University Context’, the 7th Asian Conference on Education, Art Center of Kobe, Kobe-Japan, 21-25/10/2015 (Virtual Academic Conference).

‘Peace Education in Lebanon. A Case Study in the University Context’, Official Conference Proceedings of The Asian Conference on Education 2015, Kobe, January 2016, p.135-144.…/proceedings/…/ACE2015_proceedings.pdf

‘Peace Education in Lebanon – My pedagogical approach’, International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference Series, American University of Rome, Italy, 20-10-2015.

‘Peace Education in Lebanon. A Case Study in the University Context’, International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Volume 8, Number 7, 2015, p.201- 213.

Peace Art in Dubai Online exhibition of artwork for Peace by MEST 329 – Islamic Art and Architecture AUD students, 13-12-2015.

Innovation Week: The Diplomacy of the Dish – Culinary Festival A registered activity during Innovation Week, 23-11-2015.

Who Said Museum Visits Were Dull? AUD Professor talks inquiry-based learning, 03-10-2015.

Exploring Islamic Art and Architecture From the Dome of the Rock to Futuristic Mosque Designs, 06-10-2015.

AUD Professor presents at Education conference in Japan the 7th Asian Conference on Education: “Education, Power and Empowerment: Transcending Boundaries”, 21-10-2015.

Peace Education, from Lebanon to Italy Dr. Pamela Chrabieh participates in the Int’l Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference Series in Rome, 22-10-2015.

A Journey to the Past of Dubai Field trip to Al Bastakiya, the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, 31-10-2015.

Being a Professor, 20-09-2015.

AUD students participate in Collage Workshop at FN Designs Using Art to deconstruct social norms and stereotypes, 01-06-2015.

Discovering the Cultural Heritage of Al-Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, 20-05-2015.

A visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, 14-02-2015.

A visit to the Islamic Civilization Museum in Sharjah Broadening the minds of students through visual experiences, 21-02-2015.

Women and Gender in the Middle East AUD students explore the relation and heritage 25-01-2015.

MEST Forum: Peace Education talk, 25-11-2014.

Cultural Workshops at AUD: ‘Learning through food’, 16-11-2014.

A trip into Islamic History AUD Students visit Sharjah’s Museums of Islamic Civilization and Fine Arts, 15-11-2014.

Deconstructing Stereotypes, Alternative Youth Narratives about the Middle East, 13-11-2014.

Peace Education, 03-11-2014.

‘Peace Education in Lebanon: Case Study in the University Context’, Middle Eastern Studies Forum, School of Arts and Sciences, American University in Dubai, 25-11-2014.

‘Lebanese University Students’ visions of War and Peace’, Diyar Consortium ‘Religion and State’ Conference, Istanbul-Sheraton, Turkey, 12-06-2014.

‘Inter-Human Pedagogy in the Lebanese University Context’, Identity and Conflict in the Middle East and its Diasporic Cultures Conference, University of Balamand, Lebanon, 21-03-2014.

‘Youth, Peacebuilding and Inter-Human Pedagogy’, 11th UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development, University of Oxford, Examination Schools, United Kingdom, 14-09-2011.

‘La diversité et sa gestion. Visions de jeunes du secondaire’, Colloque ‘La gestion de la diversité religieuse (Liban-Québec)’, Institut d’études islamo-chrétiennes (Faculté des Sciences religieuses de l’Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth) et Chaire Islam, Pluralisme et Globalisation (Faculté de théologie et de sciences des religions, Université de Montréal), USJ-Beyrouth, 11-10-2008.

AUD School of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies Dr. Pamela Chrabieh attended the 10th Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies ‘Formation of Middle Eastern Subjectivities, Cultural Heritage, Global Structures and Local Practices’ conference at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense from September 21-24, 2016.

The Nordic Society is an independent and non-profit association for researchers in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway) working on the Middle East and covering subjects in the humanities and social sciences, from antiquity to the present day. The associational conference takes place every third year in one of the four Nordic countries.

In September 2016, the Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies at the University of Southern Denmark hosted the conference in Odense. “In the past decades, the exploration of the formation of modern subjectivities has developed into a core field of the humanities and social sciences. This strand of research is asking for social practices and codes; it investigates competing bodies of knowledge, social performances and emotions; interprets textual and visual forms of discourse; analyzes the interrelations of social practices with material artifacts and means of communication; observes individual forms of subjectivity as well as the interaction in social fields and classes.”[1]

Dr. Chrabieh presented a paper on the Gulf panel entitled “Voices of Peace through Arts in the UAE: Middle Eastern Studies’ students perceptions of Islam. She introduced the audience to the preliminary results of her ongoing qualitative research at the crossroads of Peace Education, Sciences of Religions and Art History on perceptions of Islam as it relates to Peace by 160 university students enrolled in Middle Eastern Studies courses at the American University in Dubai. The results of this research were compared to those of a previous academic inquiry Dr. Chrabieh conducted from 2007 to 2014 in three Lebanese universities with 3000 students.

According to Dr. Chrabieh, Art has an important role to play in the pursuit of peace, and is an amazing way to channel a sense of collective urgency such as through the Peace Art in Dubai project she implemented at the American University in Dubai. “As a result of various activities – art workshops and events, online exhibition, outdoor agoras -, students have been able to create individual and shared spaces and expressions through various media and art techniques that helped them debunk stereotypes of Islam, better understand each other’s beliefs and practices, and become active agents of peace.”

The Peace Art in Dubai project is an application of Dr. Chrabieh’s Peace Education approach which aims to cultivate the knowledge and practices of a culture of peace. So far, her Peace Art in Dubai blog features more than 160 artworks. She adds, “Students’ positive feedbacks at the end of every semester encouraged me to pursue this project, as well as the recent changes to the federal government ministries in the United Arab Emirates, including the establishment of a Ministry of Tolerance with a clear message calling citizens and expatriates to be agents of peace and to help the government in its task, first internally, and second, in exporting the model outside of the Emirati boundaries. Hopefully these new measures will contribute to call attention to the importance of peace education initiatives already taking place and open the door to the establishment and officialization of peace education programs in schools and universities.

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