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“برنامج “نبض” هو برنامج جديد وفريد من نوعه يركّز على التوعية الفنية والتدخل الفني والتمكين الفني وانتاج المحتوى الفني. تم اطلاق برنامج نبض من قبل جامعة دار الكلمة للفنون والثقافة – بيت لحم، فلسطين- في أعقاب تفجيرات 4 آب (أغسطس) في مرفأ بيروت، ويوجد فريقه الأساسي في بيروت، حيث أعمل كمديرة البرنامج، وتعمل السيدة رولا صليبي وهي مصممة مجوهرات ومديرة فنية كمنسقة المشاريع.” (…)

Thank you Wardieh Boutros

Read the full interview here:برنامج-نبض-يهدف-الى-دعم-الفنانين-والم/

Telos Magazine 1st Annual Meeting

We had our first Telos Magazine annual meeting on Friday, January 15, 2021, gathering distinguished Telos authors and my fellow editorial board members. We shared our thoughts and ideas on current challenges and opportunities in Southwestern Asia and North Africa, and we practically all agreed on the fact that the region needs more than ever a multiform renaissance and that we have an obligation as scholars, intellectuals, authors, artists, activists, academics etc. to create and disseminate platforms of dialogue and actively engage in building inclusive societies.

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh’s Art Published by Indelible Literary and Arts Journal – Dubai

What we become within contexts of wars and crises is indeed not pretty, as traumas accumulate and are stored in the body and spirit, and memories of catastrophes become convoluted passages from souvenirs to ressouvenirs, interpenetrated labyrinths of the cultures of silence, hypomnesia and hypermnesia.
However, a strange strength emerges. Often masked, that strength is found in the willingness to get out of bed when your body aches. You learn to rise; you learn to cope; you learn to move forward. Eventually, you learn to place the pieces back together, although a few will still be missing, and you become what seems to be at first an incomplete patchwork of identities trying to escape your old being, but as the days go by and the struggle to survive and live continues, you realize that the tabula rasa was just an illusion, and you begin to embrace what was, what is and what is yet to come.

Text and Sketches on Recycled Paper and Digital Art 2020 Series by Dr. Pamela Chrabieh following the 4th of August Beirut port explosions – –

Published by Indelible ‘Escapism’ issue, Dubai, Jan 2021:

About the Program and Dr. Pamela Chrabieh’s Art. Interview published by Stars Illustrated – New York

STARS illustrated magazine February-March 2021 issue, Dossier Loubnan (Art book edition) is now available. Published by Times Square Press New York, and Stars Illustrated New York.

Thanking once again Marjorie Lerner for the interview, and the possibility to talk about my art and the Nabad program of support for artists in Lebanon ( which I am managing, recently launched by #dar_alkalima_university. A special thank you to my partner in arts Roula Salibi, project coordinator of Nabad, and Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, president of Dar al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture.

Interview with/Entretien avec Dr. Pamela Chrabieh, p. 84.
NABAD Program; The hope Lebanese artists were looking for.