Dubai International Film Festival – Sophie Boutros Movie “Mahbas” (Gala)

With the most talented Sophie Boutros. What an exceptional movie and cast! You made us laugh, you made us cry and most importantly, you beautifully represented our complex reality. Congratulations to you, Nadia Eliewat, Fadi G. Haddad and to all those who worked hard on producing this magnificent artwork. "20 years past the Lebanese-Syrian war,... Continue Reading →


We never can say goodbye!

End-of-semester cultural celebration at the American University in Dubai with our Middle Eastern Studies students, and celebration of new beginnings for Dr. Nadia Wardeh, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and former Coordinator of the Middle Eastern Studies Division. This is only an "au revoir" Nadia!

Youth and Citizenship in the Arab World

Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at AUD Dr. Pamela Chrabieh and a member of the Christian Academic Forum for Citizenship in the Arab World (CAFCAW) Executive Committee met her peers and presented a communication on the challenges of citizenship at a two-day conference and workshop held in Cyprus on Youth and Citizenship in the... Continue Reading →

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