Pourquoi bloguer?

Mon article paru ce matin dans l'Orient-le-Jour, Beyrouth. Je fais partie de ce qu'on nommerait aujourd'hui les dinosaures du blogging libanais. Lorsque j'utilisais le blog pour la première fois entre 2005 et 2006, nous étions une poignée d'internautes qui essayaient de nouvelles plates-formes telle « Blogspot » de Google. Ces années charnières dans l'histoire contemporaine du Liban... Continue Reading →


My ‘Go Home!’ Movie Review

'Go Home' by Lebanese director Jihane Chouaib is a powerful statement about the difficulty that many members of the Lebanese diaspora face when they go back to their homeland, with a particular focus on war memory, post-traumatic syndrome disorders and identity crisis. I watched the movie two days ago at the Dubai Film Festival and... Continue Reading →

Voices Against Violence. Voices for Peace

I launched the "Peace Art in Dubai" Online Exhibition almost a year ago. There are so far 100+ published artworks about Islam and Peace, produced by my students at the American University in Dubai, from poetry to architecture, calligraphy, digital art, cartoons, videos, etc. Sub-themes include but are not restricted to: deconstructing stereotypes, women’s rights,... Continue Reading →

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