One Coffee Bean at a Time

I was born and raised in a war zone, where the culture of war prevailed – and still is -, along with sectarianism, State paralysis, militias’ laws, negative media propaganda, hatred, conflictual identities, etc. I spent enough time in shelters or in displacement. I avoided snipers and land mines. I faced the destruction of our … Continue reading One Coffee Bean at a Time

Innovation Week: The Diplomacy of the Dish – Culinary Festival

Source: American University in Dubai News AUD Faculty, students and staff who are interested in learning about the cultural diversity of the Southwestern Asian and North African regions through food, as well as in having a visceral experience of the unknown/ inexperienced while participating in an intercultural dialogic platform, are invited to attend one of … Continue reading Innovation Week: The Diplomacy of the Dish – Culinary Festival

تغير لتغير

The best place to start change is with yourself! Round table organized by the Lebanese Student Club at the American University in Dubai (Dubai-UAE). November 18, 2015, 6-8 p.m. (E421) Join us, share your stories and raise your voices! Speakers: Mrs. Reina Dib Angoujard, Mr. Fouad Diab Maalouf, Ms. Hiba Bou Daher, Dr. Haitham Solh … Continue reading تغير لتغير

Because it’s 2015!

P.M. Justin Trudeau gives Canada a first cabinet with ethnically diverse ministers and an equal number of men and women, and in my home country, Lebanon, women can’t even confer their nationality to their husbands or children. As a naturalized Canadian citizen, I am proud of the gender equality under the law in the land … Continue reading Because it’s 2015!